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About 1tap

we are on a mission to make self-employment easier than regular employment

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Pioneers in automated bookkeeping

1tap is the sister company to the award winning bookkeeping software company Receipt Bank with over 4000+ leading accountants and bookkeepers.

Our mission is to make self employment easier than employment

We believe we can revolutionize the current system where the self-employed don’t get to enjoy the same rights and privileges as the employed. Starting with 1tap Receipts, we have made the boring and repetitive expense tracking quick and easy to save you hours each month and money in overpaid taxes.

number of receipts lodged
Icon£ 9,578,461
of tax deductions
number of hours saved from annual bookkeeping logs

In 2015 Michael Wood and Nicholas Bartlett realised that almost all the "apps" that were meant to make self employment easier were either too complex, too expensive or both. They imagined a world where all the boring parts of self employment could be sorted with just a single tap... or less. They imagined a world where self employment would be even easier than employment - so they created 1Tap.

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I want to be in business so I can do administration said no one ever.
Nick Bartlett, CEO at 1tap ltd.
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