Most Requested Features & 1Tap Prime!

At 1Tap our mission is to make self-employment better than regular employment. We started with our first app ‘1Tap Receipts’…

1Tap Receipts launched in beta in April 2016 and was the first expenses app dedicated to the self-employed. We have been blown away by the uptake and feedback:

  • Thousands of users, growing at 10% per week!
  • Great testimonials (Check out our YouTube channel)
  • Incredible reviews (200+ reviews on the App stores and counting)

We have also got a lot of great feedback over the past 6 months; there were two consistent requests:

  • “Can you enable a CSV/spreadsheet export?”
  • “Can you publish your business model so that we know we can rely on 1Tap?”

Today we are delighted to be able to fulfill both these requests!

1Tap Prime

1Tap Receipts was launched as a free app and will remain a free app for the vast majority of self-employed users. For those users that want additional functionalities we now have 1Tap Prime. 1Tap Prime is available today at a special price of £3.75 per month (billed annually as £45) until December 29th 2016.

1Tap Prime includes all the 1Tap Basic features but also includes:

  • CSV export
  • Unlimited scans
  • 50GB of Storage

1Tap Basic

1Tap Basic remains free for everyone. All the features that have been in 1Tap to date remain available in 1Tap Basic. Having watched the usage of 1Tap Receipts over the past 6 months we could see that 98% of self-employed users used less than 10 scans per month and therefore we have chosen to set that as the number of free scans included in 1Tap Basic. 1Tap Basic includes:

  • 10 free auto-scans per month
  • Your own personal 1Tap email address so you can easily claim digital receipts.
  • 5GB of cloud storage so all your scans are stored safely & securely
  • The ability to share your scanned images with an accountant
  • The ability to get additional free auto-scans by sharing 1Tap with other self-employed individuals

In addition to these we have added two new features to Basic in this release:

  • PDF image export
  • The ability to add receipts manually for those expenses without a receipt (Perfect for expenses such as bank fees)

These are clearly just small steps on our mission but we hope they help make ‘1Tap Receipts’ more useful than ever!

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