New Year. New Packages: Introducing 1tap Prime Lite, Pro and Max

Over the last few years, we’ve been working hard on our mission to make Self-Employment easier than Employment. We’ve been working closely with many of our users while adding new products and introducing new features to help save as much time and money as possible.

So, What’s new?

  • 1tap receipts, a new enhanced version has been just launched with a newsfeed feature and direct link to add your income and VAT
  • 1tap tax, a new app to help our customers to accurately estimate their tax liability (UK Only)
  • 1tap online, access to all your 1tap data from your desktop computer
  • 1tap invoices, this year we are also launching 1tap invoices

One Subscription to rule them all…

Along with the new features and products we’ve made some changes to our pricing and subscriptions. We’ve worked closely with a large number of our users to develop what we believe is the ultimate selection of subscriptions to suit all types of Self Employed users. All of 1tap products will be available with just one subscription to any 1tap Prime package. Our objective still remains to keep your business data secure, up to date and safe.

New Packages

Prime Lite

£2.99 / month

£14.99 / year

Buy Prime Lite

Prime Pro

£4.99 / month

£49.99 / year

Buy Prime Pro

Prime Max

not available

£119.99 / year

Buy Prime Max

1tap CEO Nick Bartlett says: “The introduction of the new 1tap subscriptions is a reflection of the quality of the new features and products, and will allow us to continually develop and improve the services that we offer to our customers.


What changes for existing 1tap Prime users?

Absolutely nothing. You keep all the benefits of your subscription and you will gain access to all the new products. If needed, you can always upgrade to any new packages.

For any questions you may have regarding your subscription contact our support.

Automatic Data Extraction and Bookkeeping.

Estimate tax payments with automatic receipt and invoice scanning

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